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I invented the Contact sword in 2007

and have been perfecting 

and honing it ever since.

The WayLighter is fully Pro-Caliber 

in every way.

It's actually better than i hoped it would be. 

Please view the video below to learn about all the high performance enhancing mods 
built into this hilt.


This is how durable they are.


You can also easily mod your WayLighter

to do new things..

I am currently unable

to sell WayLighters

due to treachery.

but the Good news

is that you can

make one yourself.

Takes about 11 minutes.

Super easy, super fun.

All you have to do

is order the parts. 
I just posted the


WayLighter parts

list, and a detailed

How-To Assemble




You can easily order

the parts yourself, 

and have the fun of

building your own

Djedi LightSword.

Ordering the parts

online takes 

10 minutes.

Assembly is

super simple.

All the fun of legos,

and model kits. 

But when you're done, 

you now have

this world's

highest performance

spinning LightSword

in your hands.

This is the best way

for both of us.

This way you get

your WayLighter ASAP.

You can do this.


Assembling a WayLighter

is Easy.


And this Way

you also get to choose

from an infinite array of

epic custom hilt options.

The hilt is made from

Motocross grips.

There are some


epic models available

right now.

So you can fully


your WayLighter

and have a

One of a kind

signature sword. 

If you act right now,

you could have 

a fully custom

WayLighter in

your hands

within in a week.

This is means you get

The Most Pro


on the planet

in your hands

fast and affordably.

Should run you

about $50 tops.

If you are able to

donate for

the design

please do so on

the donation page. 

I used to charge

$99 for this

List and

the Assembly Video.

But times are tight.

So Give what you

can, if you can.

Need an auxiliary


You can also make


and sell them,

and then donate

back what you can.

Or keep the money

if you REALLY need it.

FYI Lightsabers are

already a

5 billion dollar

a year market.

The WayLighter is

Way Better

than everything

on the market.

In every Way.

This is a business

I Hope We can

Build Together. 

We will. 

I'll post a video explaining

all this shortly.

Please just be 

Honorable with 

this Limited Time


Note: No Red bladed

Waylighters are to

made ever, as that

blade currently

represents evil.

Thank You.


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