The WayLighter is the best

Flow Focused LightSword

on the planet.

I invented the Contact sword in 2007

and have been perfecting 

and honing it ever since.

The WayLighter is fully Pro-Caliber 

in every way.

It's actually better than i hoped it would be. 

Please view the video below to learn about all the high performance enhancing mods 
built into this hilt.


This is how durable they are.


You can also easily mod your WayLighter

to do new things..

Want to buy a WayLighter?

12/12/20 I have 9 WayLighters

ready to rock right now.
They are all white blades

with the  

basic combat black hilts.

$17 shipping anywhere in U.S.A.
U.S. Only for now.


Want to buy 2 WayLighter's 

and dual wield like a Boss?
$17 shipping US only.

Want to order the parts yourself and have your WayLighter in your hands

in around a week? 

You can!

The WayLighter is incredibly easy to order and assemble yourself.

Ordering the parts online takes maybe

10 minutes, and I have a List for you.

Building a WayLighter is hilariously easy. Assembly requires just an Allen wrench, electrical tape, 
and hairspray. 

A child can do it. 

It's all the fun of lego's and model kits.  But when you're done,  you now own

this world's highest performing

spinning LightSword.

Building your own LightSword

exponentially increases your fun factor.

And helps me generate the passive income

needed to make the move to Austin,

so I can start producing all the other

epic Advanced Contact LightSword designs I have ready to rock right now.

Friends, this is the best way for both of us.
I'm fully focused on moving ASAP, so this way you get your WayLighter ASAP,
and I make the passive income that will help move me to my next level, ASAP. 

You can do this, this is easy.

and this way you also get to choose from an infinite array of

epic custom hilt options.

The hilt is made from Motocross grips.

There are some absolutely epic models available right now.

So you can fully customize your WayLighter to suit your style. 

If you act right now,

you could have 

a fully custom WayLighter

in your hands within in a week.

So if this is the way

that works for you, 

you can

acQuire the WayLighter

design Schematic for $99,

and the easily ordered

parts list will be

under $72.

This is means you get

The Most Pro Electric LightSword

on the planet in your hands,

and you get to

have the fun of

assembling it.

By the Way?

The next best

contact sword model is $400.

Just Sayin'.

This is the best way

for both of us.

want to win Christmas?

Order your parts RIGHT now

and equip the whole fam.

You can have

an epic family activity,

assembling your WayLighter's


Then you can

spend the day playing together. 

Massive Win/Win. 

Ready to  Assemble your WayLighter?


Once you've paid,

just click on the parchment

below and you'll be taken to the page with the parts list, and the how-to enjoyably/easily assemble tutorial videos.


Click this contract to access the WayLighter Design Schematic.