The WayLighter's number One

job is to power people up.

So for now, I'm going to be selling these for only $149.

This is the most advanced spinning sword ever produced on this planet.

It is fully Pro in every way.

Please view the video to learn about all the next level design points

already built into this hilt.

You will be stoked. :) 

Update 7/27/20

I'm mid move, but have swords to sell.
If you would like to acquire a WayLighter, please contact me via 
Facebook at Ryan Rif PArks.

You can also easily order the parts yourself, and

Build your own WayLighter.

They take 10 minutes to make, and it's hilariously easy.

While I'm in transition, this is the fastest way to acquire a WayLighter.
Details on this offer posted below. 


This is how durable they are.


You can also easily mod your WayLighter

to do new things..

Hey, if you're on a budget, or want to explore Kung Flow before ordering a WayLighter, here's a tutorial on how to easily assemble a Fastaff, a surprisingly capable starter staff.

You can make 2 of them for about $11.11 worth of parts found at any hardware store. The Fastaff will provide you with hours of fully free, enjoyable exercise.
Please Donate if you can. 


Right now I am setting up a production line and building a business team. so there's not much time to build/pack/ship.
But you can easily assemble a WayLighter yourself.  And this sword will help you have tons of fun powering through these trying times.

So for now, I will be offering The WayLighter design schematic on a

pay what you can basis.

In order to protect my IP and the integrity of the project, I do need to set some rules. If you agree to honor these terms, click the picture and you will be ported to the assembly page.

Please be honorable. I am currently quite low on funds myself, but want you to get Lit up about LightSword fitness.

This almost open source model allows you to acQuire a Pro-caliber LightSword, and generates much needed passive income for me. 
That's win/win Kung Fu.


7 rules eta.jpg

Click this contract to access the WayLighter Design Schematic.

Boring legal stuff you should ignore unless you know you've crossed a line with me.

Unfortunately, numerous entities have tried to steal this Intellectual Property from me. So to protect the altruistic aspects of this mission from patent trolls, I have to explicitly exclude certain individuals from this offer.


The contact Sword did not exist in modern history until 2007, when I designed the first working model.

This clip from 2010 far, far predates any other usage.

The Contact Sword is my sole invention. It is entirely my wholly owned intellectual property.

IF you are named on the following list, you are explicitly denied the right to make, sell, or profit from the contact Sword in any way shape or form.

Brian Wasserman, Melrose Partners, CONner MCarthy, Shannon Mccarthy, AKA Flowsabers,

Cam Vermuelen, AKA FlowsaberZ, Christian Castro,


Electrum Sabercraft. 

Paul Dunkirk.