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These are the kind

of LightSword skills

you are about to

unlock and achieve.

As you view,

please keep this in mind.

You can do this!

This symbol is carved all over Ancient Egypt by
an Order of Scholar/Warrior/Mystical Knights called The Djedi.

Looks like a Lightsaber? It is. Make this out of the right kinds of metals, and it's a pile battery. This is a functioning flashlight.
The Djed Pillar represents Osiris's backbone. It's a sign of stability.

The Djedi protected Osiris. 
Osiris was tricked and killed by Seth.

So it's been
Djedi VS. Seth,

for 7000 years.
djed pillar gold.png
Mission Ignition SwitchBlade._edited.jpg
This the WayLighter.

A brand new kind of precision spinning LightSword I "thought" I invented in 2007, 5 years before I knew of the existence of
The Djed Pillar.

There are countless iterations of these "coincidences" now.

The Djed Pillar also spells out 1111.


This is a Djed Pillar

The Djedi Knights would incarnate onto the planet in times of turmoil, in order to provide stability, and return the land to peace.
That is a massively beneficial self fulfilling prophecy. You can become a Djedi in real life, simply by stepping up into the role.

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