It's fun time hero!

Here's where you can see some

of the LightSword skills

you are about to unlock and achieve.

Before you dive in, please keep this in mind.

You can do this.


I don't perform to show you

what I can do.


I perform in order to show you

what you can do. 


So many of these skills are

well within your reach, right now. 

I posted the above clip first,

because i think that's the most

technically advanced skill

I've achieved so far. 

And I want you to know

I'm quite sure many of you are

going to be able to rock

that kind of advanced contact roll.

All of you are going to be able

to impress your friends

with some sweet new moves.

That part's on lock.

But If we both do our jobs right,

your new abilities are

going to blow your own mind.