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If you're dealing with PTSD, Anxiety,

and/or addiction, good news.


We got this.

It's basically a software issue. 

Easily upgraded.


Addiction is just a self replicating thought form you can override with stronger thoughts.

please know I say this 

with the confidence that comes from

having seen Kung Flow unlock numerous hardcore addictions.

It's much easier to ignore the cravings when you're having a blast unlocking exciting new lightsword skills.

And while you're spinning, you're also rocking regular rushes of perfectly calibrated doses of endorphins, dopamine, serotonin, anandamide, and all the other happy chemicals.

You'll also be building your body up, increasing immunity, and pumping toxins out.

The first video dives deep into the

psychology that makes

Kung Flow such a powerful healing agent

The second clip is Kate's story.

Her results will let you know this is real.

Kate was just one of number of kids at the rehab who used Kung Flow to get their life back on track.

Please keep in mind this was dual-diagnosis clinic for high risk teens.


Seeing so many hard cases become successes

spurred me to give up performing,  and devote myself to studying Kung Flow as a healing modality, full time.

Going from making $1500 for 5 minutes of playing flaming Rockstar on stage,

to making $15 an hour holding some kid's hair out of the toilet, 


wasn't great at first.


but I'm super happy I made the choice. 

Kung Flow has become 
a very powerful cutting edge healing agent.

It's a way to
Psycho-Somatically Induce an Applied Placebo Effect.



(Totally valid response BTW.)

To simplify, In the realm of the mind,

the Placebo effect is your best medicine.

No side effects, always perfectly timed

and dosed, and so easy to afford.

Here's the operative information Hero.

IF you think your mind just made your cravings go away,  congratulations. 


they just did.

And they can. Absolutely.


I've seen this work hundreds of times now.

Addiction is just an entirely illusory 

self-replicating thought form

you can easily override

with the power of your mind.

Again, I know how that sounds.

I also know it worked for me.

This has been a brutal life,

filled with  beatdowns, betrayals and treachery.

I've been knocked out more times

than I can count.

 Cheated on, lied to, let down, and stolen from.

None of that affects me  
in the slightest anymore.

Because I refuse to let it affect my life.

Stubborn is a Super power.

I'm giving away Kung Flow because I know the people who need it most

usually don't have money to risk on a maybe.

I'm cool with that.

So the whole program is available to you,  
right now, for free.

Hope it helps.

Here's another epic superhealer origin story.


Kieran was 9 and struggling when I was hired to see if I could help.

He had major anger management issues,
was regularly rocking rage mode, throwing things at his overworked single Mom,

getting in trouble at school...

Kieran rapidly evolved from angry darkslider, to getting better grades and winning multiple Kindness awards at school. 

For breaking up fights.

Which is really good for a kid

who was having both anger management and physical co-ordination challenges.

Kieran could not touch his elbows

to his opposite knees, and was having trouble telling his right from left.

I'll just go ahead and let his Staff skills speak now.

I'm stoked on Kieran's SmartStaff skills, but I'm absolutely thrilled with a Real Life Master level Demo he put on at his school.

Kieran  got assaulted
at his public school.


4th time that year. 

A kid with several previous assaults

on his record, smacked Kieran in the eye. 

With a metal Lunchbox.

Here's where it gets good.


Please know that Kieran had been training hard and eating right for over a year.

You've seen him spin. His co-ordination is now on point.

I used to be a bar bouncer,
so we've been covering what works in a fight, and what doesn't.

Kieran could have
absolutely wrecked this kid.


But he knew he had a bigger game to play.

He knew that Heroes don't let themselves

get taken out of the big game.

So he calmly absorbed the assault,
then walked over and told an adult, and went on back about his business.

That's 9 year old Kieran

Handling a dangerously intense situation,

Like a Boss.

When the Principal called him into her Office

to get the story, she asked him how he was able

to achieve this remarkable level of self-restraint.


His unscripted Answer?

"Kung Flow gives me emotional control."


He's 10.

I'm impressed.

So proud of you buddy.

These are the kind of results Kung Flow Achieves often.

If you would like help make this all happen faster, there's a  donate button at the bottom of this page.

You have my word it all goes straight back

into The Mission of equipping good people

with next level LightSwords,


 that unlock whole new lives.

Also, your donation allows me

to hire people who can build and send

you your shiny new WayLighter's.

As soon as that stops being me,

I can start making videos where I share

all the next level mental techniques

you can use to rewire your mind.

Also, if you're currently
deep down in the unwell, this is actually good news.

Finding your way out of the dark,

is the single best counselor college possible.

True story. 

I've worked in addiction recovery
for quite a while. The clinics I worked at cost between
$30,000 and $60,000 a month.

It's rarely the PHD's who get the most done.

It's usually the people who have actually been down deep in the dark who make the best guides.

Anything else is just theory.

There is no substitute for your experience.

You can use Kung Flow to fight your way back into the Light, then use your new skillset and knowledge base to make a great living helping other people level up their lives.

If you would like a career being the light at the end of the tunnel for others, Please stay tuned.

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