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It's Unifying Time.

Minds.Com is the best platform
on the net for the
worldwide Unification Project. 

PLEASE! Join the community
and send all your friends.

Please watch ALL the videos there,
as that profile contains
the best Intel about you,
and how we can easily
save the world if we unify. 

If you want to find me
on Facebook,
Ryan Rif Parks,

Youtube @ Djedi Generaton

PLEASE Connect on ALL platforms.
I could get booted off any
or all of them, at any time.

But the big push is to get EVERYONE
on Odysee and,
so we can Unify.$/invite/@RyanRifParks:e

Minds and Odysee are where I'll be
sharing all the next level intel
and powerups. 

Why Minds and Odysee?
Because they're unhackable
and can onboard
a billion angels
without crashing.

Together, we are going to
Heal Everything. :) 

Also, many of you are about
to find out your
true Origin as a Soul.
So many of you are actually
Badass Ascended Masters,
Angels, Avatars, 
and/or Reincarnated

We just need to Unify.

That's why I built
Djedi Generation.
Djed Gen is a social scene 

designedto give  good people
a wayto unify like Super-Heroes
and play the rest of your life
as a Djedi. 

What's a Djedi?
Here's where it gets wild.
The Djedi were/Are an order
of historically accurate

based in ancient Egypt. 
And Atlantis.

Billy Carson covers
it all brilliantly.

The shape on the left side
of this pic is the Djedi symbol.
It's called a Djed Pillar.
It's carved ALL over
Ancient Egypt.

djed spine.jpeg

Looks a Lot like a Lightsaber Hilt
doesn't it? Well, it actually is.

If you make it out of
the right kinds of metals
and add Lemon Juice,
it will light up

That's an electric
pile battery Folks. 

That's a Lightsaber shaped,
schematic, that was
carved all over
Ancient Egypt
by Mystical Knights
The Djedi.

In Real Life.

You may be One of the Djedi. 

You absolutely can earn
The Title this life. 
I'll explain on

IF you want to help
save the World,
Find The Others,
and Guide them to

Minds has an generous
affiliate program,
that means
you can get paid
to help 

I've had to fight hard
for 15 years to bring
you this info.

It will save the world,
if you help me
Find The Others.

PLEASE get everyone
you know

Together we solve 
all problems.


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