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If you want to find me, I'm on Facebook at Ryan Rif Parks,


Telegram locked me out, but here the link :

Youtube @ Djedi Generaton

PLEASE Connect on ALL platforms. I could get booted off any or all of them, at any time.

But the big push is to get EVERYONE on Odysee and, so we can Unify.$/invite/@RyanRifParks:e

Is where I'll be sharing all the next level intel and powerups. and building a  community designed to defeat the deepstate. 

Why Odysee? Because it's unhackable and can onboard a billion angels instantaneously without crashing.

I get kicked off FB a lot bc I've been personally destroying the deepstate narrative Quite effectively. That's easy to do because my bio-fam is Illuminati, and I say the quiet parts out loud.  :) 

I've kept this site very neutral, but please know I'm the kind of political Activist that gets a lot of Rocks thrown through windows, Black Helicopters, etc etc. 

I'm no longer playing it safe here.  Kung Flow will help people find the Strength to Rise up. And we need to, now. I can help.

I know too much bc my family is Royal Blueblood ruling class elite. I've been saying the Quiet parts out loud, to too many people, since 2012. This got me in a lot of serious trouble.

I'll spare you the sob story, but it's been a brutal life. But that's over now. The Game has changed. I can now speak freely.

hours of truly game changing intel is already loaded up on Odysee.   It's that good folks... :) 

Together, we are going to Heal Everything. :) 

Also, many of you are about to find out your true Origin as a Soul. So many of you are actually Badass Ascended Masters. 

Good news. I'm not kidding. In the slightest. Watch The Digital Red Pill Channel Videos  on Odysee to see if your name or numbers are holding codes.

friends! More good news! For the last 15 years I have been deeply researching Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Politics, spirituality, Aliens, World History, etc etc.

In 2007 I discovered My calling as a Healer. I want to help you Live as rich and blissful a life as possible.

That's my life's mission.

So I have been arduously sifting through the lies about health, to try to find the truth about what actually powers us up. 

So get ready to receive an infinite arsenal of personal power ups on Odysee.

Here's where it gets good. I also knew this crash was coming, long ago. And I have programs ready to rock that will counter every move they make.

How did i know? I was born into one of the ruling class elite families. The really bad ones. Illuminati.

Not kidding.

I was born into one of those hidden horrible  elite lineages that has been secretly wrecking our world for hundreds of years now. 

True story. Can confirm via lineage and Bloodline.

So I do have some inside insight into what their up to, and I know exactly how to defeat their agenda. As that is all I have been working on for 15 years now.

The Key, is simply to unify and throw both parties out. They both start wars, therefore they both have to go. If enough of us just get on the same page, we can squad up and start the total recall of all bad actors.

We take away the power we gave them, and we get our power back and live exponentially better lives. Just that simple. 

We just need to Unify.

That's why I built Djedi Generation. Djed Gen was a social  scene 
designed to give people a way to unify like Super-Heroes and play the rest of their life as Djedi. 

What's a Djedi? Here's where it gets wild. The Djedi were an order of historically accurate Scholar/Warrior/Magicians

based in ancient Egypt. 

The shape on the left side of this pic is their symbol. It's called a Djed Pillar. It's carved ALL over Ancient Egypt.

djed spine.jpeg

Looks a Lot like a Lightsaber Hilt doesn't it? Well, it actually is.


If you make it out of the right kinds of metals and add Lemon Juice, it will light up electronically.


That's an electric pile battery Folks. 


So that's a Lightsaber shaped, working flashlight schematic that was carved all over Ancient Egypt by Mystical Knights called The Djedi.

And Friends? This rabbit hole runs sooo much deeper. It honestly is the most unbelievably magical real life story I have ever seen.
I produced a rough movie that unpacks most of the really wild stuff over on @Ryan Rif PArks

Odysee is you-tube but censorship free, and operating on blockchain. Which means it's almost unhackable.

That's crucial for me, bc I want to share info with you that totally exposes and breaks my family's agenda.

I need extra levels of security as I am currently a high priority on pretty much every deepstate unhappy list.

The third version of Djedi Generation I tried to build was torn down by Rockefellers.  Again, that can be proven.

The Deepstate hates me because I can use my inside insight and skills as a trauma counselor to help you cut through the confusion, and unify America like Djedi. 

I'm also holding a lot of intel that powers you up personally.

Everything from Spinning, to WayLighter mods, to Addiction Recovery will be covered on this channel. Please click around and see for yourself. 

10/22/22 update: I need your help in the marketing department.

I am being suppressed everywhere. Hardcore.
Please reach out to people and bring them here. 

The day after I started announcing the shift, Facebook shut me down so i couldn't transfer my 5000 FB friends. So I need help in reaching people.

If you help me build up a community, we will make magic happen, guaranteed.

And if you like Metaphysical movies, please view The Digital Red Pill Movies.  The story about the Actual Ancient Egyptian Djedi will blow your mind open. :) 

Here's a teaser: I designed the first true contact sword in 2007.

After several years of study, I had designed the shape most optimal for advanced level Flow spinning and contact rolls.

The WayLighter is built to those specs.

It's the exact shape as the Djed Pillar....



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