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Ready to have the fun of building your own custom LightSword?
This clip shows you just how incredibly easy it is to assemble A WayLighter.

ready to rock right now?

First step, order your blades from 
The Custom Saber shop.

MAke sure you order a 38" blade so
the balance points line up.


I'd also aQuire the Quantum USB

rechargeable light from harbor freight.

I'm beyond impressed with them. I've been slamming my same pair into the ground for well over a year. Still going strong.

All the other parts are at the hardware store, or easily ordered here.

Now comes the fun part.
Go search motocross, BMX

and mountain bike grips. 

You'll find an infinite array of exciting options that allow you to fully customize your sword to suit your style.

You'll need at least one lock-on grip.
These have a ring clamp that is crucial.
Here's an example.

If you order a Lock on Grip with double clamps, just use scissors to cut off one end, and then you have back up hardware.


For assembly all you need is an allen wrench, some electrical tape, and some hairspray.

That's all of it Folks.

That was the entire parts list.


Here's a link to a 

how-to-build the light clip.


If you act now, you could have

this world's first truly high performance, precision spinning LightSword in your hands , within a week.

And there are an infinite number of custom styles of WayLighter you can make.

Also, The WayLighter was designed in hopes you add in your expertise. 

The WayLighter is the perfect Flow focused spinning sword.  

But the Light can be better. Please go nuts, and design upgraded electronics.

The WayLighter is the beginning of a whole new kind of art form.

Please take it and make it better.

And friends? $45,000 dollars worth of a wonky, fragile, poorly stolen version of The WayLighter was sold for $300.

I could be running that model, but healing PTSD is way more important to me than maximizing margins.

The WayLighter is designed to attract people to Kung fLow, because Kung Flow seriously powers people up. That's what I care about.
Please donate what you can back.
You have my word of honor that every last cent will go straight into programs designed to generate massive amounts of positive energy.


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