Ok, if you're a performer, counselor

or builder type, this is where it gets

really good for you.

Because One of my main goals

is to help you make money. 

Yep. I like helping people.

It's fun for me.

So please know my personal goal

is to tap as many

good people as possible

into Kung Flow's revenue stream.

This is why I
'm so stoked at

getting the sword to scale

without having to

answer to moneymen.


I don't want fast cars.

I want a lot of fast friends

making good money

 lighting people up 

with their LightSword skills.

I want to help you

carve out a career

that revolves around Flow.

This role rocks.


Again, this requires a video,

but please know

that traveling the world

as a highly paid performer, 

is as much fun as you think.


I would also like to reference

that teaching Kung Flow

proved to be

far, far more rewarding for me. 

To be honest, I love the work.

I love helping people. 


Seeing someone's eyes light up when they

unlock their first big move is just magic. 

But that happy feeling

is exponentially force amplified

when you know that your client

 just unlocked a whole new level

of self confidence.

The gratitude you receive 

when you help someone end an addiction,

or power through their 


is just priceless.


It's just so soul satisfying.


Now imagine you had all that fun

and the Client hands you a check for $800.

For the day.

No certs, no degrees needed.

just the ability to impart

a common sense system,

that clients Love

because it makes learning fun.

What if your career felt like a video game? 

It certainly can. 

Some days when I counsel,

I realize I don't look LARPy

enough to impress the kid client.



And you can also be making money

assembling and selling KnightLight's.

Remember, WayLighter's are

super easy to assemble.

 by design. 

So far the record is 3.27 minutes.

The whole point of this Sword

is to help good people 

in as many ways as possible.

You can easily construct

several WayLighter's after work,

and ship them out next day.


Or head on down to the park

and sell them all by 11:11 pm.

Again, the goal here is to help you thrive. 

So if you're a good person,

and are willing

to honor 7 simple agreements,

you can make and sell KnightLight's

for fun and profit.

I was just going to release all the IP 

into the creative commons realm,

but then found out about patent trolls.


In this world,

I could actually legally be prohibited

from producing my life's work.

That would suck.

So in order to make this offer to you,

and safeguard my ability

to direct this company

based on integrity, kindness and compassion,


 I am issuing something called

an E.T.A. Now License.

ETA stands for Easy To Attain.

Now stands for now.

As in right now.

Answer yes to all 7 questions

and you'll be shown the location

of the portkey that grants you access

to the Hidden Forum.

It's hidden because 

ridiculously valuable

intellectual property

is going to be shared in there.

This way this site is the 

inarguable origin point for all

the next level Lightswords

I've been dreaming up,

since 2007.

This way we can defend the swords,

and run the forum

like a high class KnightClub.


Tired of trolls too. 

Once you agree to honor

the 7 rules, you're in.

That's it.

Inside the forum 

I will be sharing everything

I know about LightSwords construction,

spinning, nutrition, supplements, 

fitness, etc etc. 

As a trusted Member,
you will be free

to use all my intellectual property

for fun and profit.

Hopefully, it's both.


All you have to do is rep us well,

and make honorable Micro-Pays back,

when, and if, you ca

This is my way of

giving away my life's work,

while also protecting it

from the greed side.

All the Advisor's think

there's a sustainable business model


The magic of honor based micro-pays 

should mean we all do well.

We'll see.

I'm happy to start this way.

And this is why you're happy we got 

the sword to scale

without needing the greedy bankers

to get started. 

They would never let me

"leave this much money on the table."

I don't see it that way.

I see it as a way to help you

put food on your table,

and hopefully, 

help you live long and prosper.

This model only works

if enough people are honorable enough 

to make their micro-pays.

I for One, am quite confident this will work.

Please prove out my faith in your nobility.

Note: If that LightSword you just sold

just covers your kid's insulin

and rent is coming up fast?

Don't send me anything.

Keep it.

I'll be OK.

And you have my word help is on the way.


Here are the 7 agreements,


Ok Hero, if that's all amenable to you, press this button and we'll give you the location of the PortKey.

Ok real talk time. Unfortunately I am not able to include certain entities in this offer.


This is due to poor choices

that these people made that

pre-preemptively violated

the integrity of the ETA agreement.

If your name is on this list,

or you are affiliated in any way,

 you are not allowed to enter the Forum,

make or sell contact LightSwords,

use any of my IP,

or affiliate with Kung Flow

in any way.

Brian Wasserman.

MelWood Partners.




Electrum Sabercraft.