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Kung Flow


Is a Bo Staff


LightSword Spinning

Fitness Program

that is designed


Unlock and Upgrade


Operating System

of your brain.

Kung Flow

will Give you

a fun Way


Unlock + Activate

Your 12 Strand DNA.

That's where 

your Super Powers

like telepathy


advanced Healing

Factors are



FirstHand Proof

of Your ability

to unlock

Enhanced Abilities.



Please let that

be the metric

of efficacy.


Kerosene AKA Jet fuel,

burns at 400 degrees.

I'm burning

white gas.

The orange Flames

are 1000 degrees.

The white Flames

are 1400 degrees. 

That's How Strong

YOU Are.

Here's Another vid

with more


It will show you

what Kung Flow

looks like.

If you were sent

here by An Angel,

this clip also

shows you the 

hidden Angel Identifier Codes.


Please visit the

Angel Page

For more Info.














Kung Flow is going to

Help Unify

The Loving People

of the World.

Because it's Fun.

We the Loving People 

of The World 

can use this new

lifestyle sport fitness trend

to empower ourselves

and Each Other.

It's all

the fun of Snowboarding.

but for the Whole Fam.


And All you need

is a straight stick.

You're going to

unlock and Achieve Badass

Bo Staff and Lightsword

spinning skills at speed. 
Kung Flow turns you

into Neo


You actually have 12

strands of DNA.

The Unprecedented 

Gamma Ray storm we

are receiving is

activating your

enhanced abilities.


Gamma Rays recode DNA.

Kung Flow is designed

to help you amplify

your Healing Factors.

It works. 

Here's me holding

my hand in fire 

for 17 seconds.

Without Burning.

2. Kung Flow is a super fun 

fitness Program.

Spinning is a high Quality

comprehensive core workout.

So your super fun playtime

is also a great Workout.

That's Win/Win Kung Fu.

Kung Flow costs nothing.

All you need

is a stick and some space.

3. Free. The whole program is

given on a donation basis.

Here's the link to

the Full Program.

You're good to go.


I could sell this.

Because it's that good.

See the Clinical

addiction recovery testimonials

for proof of that.


Kung Flow is

First and foremost

An Addiction 

and PTSD Recovery Tool.  

Clinically proven 

to end addictions

and Heal Ptsd

like a Boss.

But I know the people who

need it most, have no money.


SO I'm giving it away.

There's a link to a Donation

portal on the Menu.

Pleased do donate if you can,

knowing all funds will go

towards helping

good people heal.

Here's what you're getting.

A Way to upgrade

the Operating System

of your brain.

A Way to learn how to

manually Engage The Power

of your Subconscious mind

as a secondary Drive.

A way to realize your Brain

is already a million times

more Powerful than 

A supercomputer. 


A Way to Learn how to

Self Program your Own Mind

for Maximum Performance.

The mental techniques you

acquire through Kung Flow

are applicable to everything

you do in Life.

You will Level Up in All Areas.

A Cure for PTSD and Addiction.

Those are merely software issues,

That you can easily fix yourself.

Please Know that

Kung Flow was used by Clinical

Recovery Clients to great success.

Spinning a lightsword or a staff is super fun.

It's also working out with free weights.

So what feels like playtime will also be

a high quality core workout

And it's all going to be a blast,

because Kung Flow helps you get good fast. 

This isn't just a tricking tutorial. 

Kung Flow

is a Next-Level life skills program

that teaches you how to

learn how to learn faster.

So you're going to

unlock and achieve impressive new skills

at speed.

It's going to feel like

you're downloading Kung Fu

straight out of The Matrix.

Hi Hero! My name is Ryan Rif Parks. 

I picked up the FireStaff as a hobby in 2003.

I bumbled around for about a year.

Then I had one of those accidental epiphanies,

and it all unlocked. 

I was shown a way
to manually engage

the power of the subconscious mind

as a secondary "drive" 

that massively enhances our ability to 

master and perform complex new skills.

At Speed.

I know how that sounds Folks. :)

Good news. It works.

Kung Flow helped me self propel

from mediocre noob to a world class,

full time FireSword Professional in about a year.

Here's how I used to make my living.

Kung Flow will show you how to access, operate, and upgrade your mind/body operating systems.

This next clip unpacks how that works.

Part 2 and 3 contain ways

for you to get paid to play your life like a Djedi.

if you cannot currently watch the videos,

please come back when you can,

as it's a bit too complex to type out.

But for now,

here's what you need to know.

The first thing we do in Kung Flow

is install the awareness

of just how powerful you already are.

Let's just do that now.

According to science,

your brain is already well over

a million times more powerful

than a super-computer.


You're that good.

Your brain is currently rocking

around 120,000,000,000,000,000 operations, 

every single second. 

True story.

You are already incredibly powerful.

Kung Flow will give you a fun way to

put that vast power into play.

this program helped me unlock a life

where I got paid $1500 a show

to do what I love..

But I gave up the flaming rockstar life

when I found out Kung Flow

also worked wonders on PTSD and addiction.


Here's a testimonial from one of my addiction recovery clients.

This clip will unpack how

spinning a LightSword can

end a heavy addiction. 

If you want to learn more, 

The Origin Story goes deeper.

You absolutely can

power through so many

of your problems with this system. 

At minimum, it's super fun.

And a great workout. 

Also, if you need help 

bringing a couch-locked body

back online, 

This will be good for you.

I chipped cartilage out of my knee,

and had to rebuild up from rock bottom

after a "supposedly" career ending surgery.

Here's more good news.

You can also use

Kung Flow's mental techniques

to enhance your body's healing Factors. 

My Surgeon told me I wouldn't be able

walk up stairs again, much less perform.

I'm 49 and still throwing barrel rolls. 


It all sounds too good to be true doesn't it?

That's one of the reasons why

Kung Flow is offered on a donation only basis. 

This way you can explore Kung Flow risk free,

and see for yourself.


All you really need to

start downloading Kung Flow right now

is a straight stick and some space to spin.

A broomstick will work just fine.

Got one?

You can start training right now.

Stuck in a small apartment?

You can master the basics from there. 


If you enjoy spinning, you can then Acquire A WayLighter, the world's most exciting LightSword. 

And you'll be able to rock it right out of the box.

gamechanger hero shot.jpg

Here's another way Kung Flow helped me

power through my problems.

I've spent the last 5 years trying to get

A Pro-Caliber Contact Light Sword produced.

Over and over again, greedy businessmen

saw the Lightsword market numbers

and tried to trick me into a contract

where they took the big money.

This happened so many times it became tedious.

It was just beyond frustrating.

But I couldn't raise the $80,000

it was going to take to get a working

prototype designed and built.

So I decided to build it myself.
The challenge was that I am not a engineer.
I had zero skills or training in that arena.

I applied all the problem solving skills

I learned through Kung Flow

to the research and development process.

And I got it done.


Funny thing.

I ended up with a

fully Pro-Caliber LightSword

that is actually way better

than I hoped it would be.

The WayLighter is Lit, Legit. 

Perfect for Flow/Fitness in every way.


And not only is The WayLighter

ready to rock right now,

 I sourced it from other people's parts.

so an infinite arsenal of

highly customisable LightSwords 

designs can now be easily assembled.

waylighter 7.jpg

Good News!

Kung Flow is offered

on a donation basis right now

because what it does best

is help heal PTSD and ease anxiety.


And so many of the people who need it most,

can't afford it. 

Please try it, and if you like it,

please do donate what you can.

Please also know that 100% of all funds

go straight back into programs

designed to help good people

power up and prosper.


here's a tutorial on how to easily assemble a FaStaff, a surprisingly capable starter staff.

You can make 2 of them for about $11.11 worth of parts found at any hardware store. The Fastaff will provide you with hours of fully free, enjoyable exercise.
Please Donate if you can. 


One of the most crucial health tips I can offer you is about Solar Storms.
Please read this site ASAP

and help spread the awareness

of the solar Storm factors.

But Wait, It gets weirder. :)

Millions of you are about to

find out you're Actually

An Incarnated Angel and/or Djedi Born here on a mission

to save this World. 

If you see reoccurring numbers, 

or if you have "An" in your name,

You're a StarSeed.

Basically, you're an

Intergalactic Class badass.

Same holds true for the names,

Anna, David, Michael, Michelle,

Katy, Cat and KI/Ky. 

"El" also means Angel.

If your birthday contains a

3,11, 17, and/or especially a 27, 

Those are Activation Codes designed to help you Remember

who you really are.

This website will unpack all that.

Click the Pic to Level Up.

you are hero.jpg
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