Kung Flow

Is a

super fun,

Bo staff and LightSword spinning

Fitness Program for Sci-Fi fans.

If you're bored and in need of enjoyable exercise, you're stoked!

If you've got a broomstick, you can be unlocking and rocking impressive Bo staff spinning skills right now.

And here's the kicker.

Kung Flow teaches you how to learn how to learn faster. you're going to level up fast, and the whole process will be a blast.

All that fun will also be a fully comprehensive high Quality core workout.

You can absolutely learn in your living room.

Hey friends? Kung Flow's entire reason for existing is because it helps you manage PTSD and anxiety.

It will also provide you with a fun way to power up your immune system.

If you eat right and exercise regularly in the sunlight, your body becomes the best defense against illness.

I have spent my entire life studying how to maximize athletic performance. I have spent the last 17 years studying how to maximize mental health.

I will shortly be making you a series of videos designed to help you power through this exact moment in time.

Physical and mental Fitness can be made fun. 

What if this was your workout?

Hi! My name is Ryan Rif Parks. I have been a


Here's what that looks like. 


I gave up being a FireSword Pro when I found out Kung Flow works wonders on PTSD.

Please see the origin story below.

You absolutely can power through PTSD.
And we'll make it super fun.  

Also, if you need helping bringing a couch-locked body back online, we've got you covered.

These videos will best explain what Kung Flow is.
It's a 3 part series, and they contain all kinds of exciting news for you.

All you really need to start downloading Kung fLow 

is a straight stick and some space to spin.

Stuck in a small apartment?

You can master the basics from there. 
move the couch fort, cover the TV and you're good to go.

If you can spin in the Sun, please do. The vitamin D you'll receive for free is crucial to your health.

(Please supplement Vit D if you need to.)

If you like spinning, you can then Acquire A WayLighter, the world's most exciting LightSword. 

And You'll be able to rock it right out of the box.

The Video below is the First Class of the full version of The Kung Flow DownLoad.

It will auto-play to give you all the levels. If that glitches, the playlist link is in blue.

If you liked the movie "The Matrix", you'll have fun with Kung Flow.

Please know I normally charge $150 an hour to teach Kung Flow. It's fully free right now because the people who need it most can't afford it. 

Please try it, and if you find value in it, please do donate what you can. My sales got wiped out by the situation, but I know this will help people power up, so I'm going to keep it on a donation basis.

Please also know that 100% of all funds go straight to programs designed to help good people power up.

Also, if you want me to have the time to make you epic tutorials on a camera that wasn't imported in on the Mayflower, this is how you do it. :)