Kung Flow

Is a

super fun,

LightSword Based

Fitness Program for Sci-Fi fans.

What if this was your workout?

Hi! My name is Ryan Rif Parks. I have been a


Here's what that looks like. 


I liked performing but I Love teaching. 

Kung Flow will show you how to achieve any LightSword spinning skill, even the advanced contact rolls.

So if you want Pro-Level LightSword spinning skills, that part is on lock.

And the learning process will be super fun,
and a great workout. 

These videos will best explain what Kung Flow is.

All you really need to start downloading Kung fLow 

is a straight stick and some space to spin.

If you've got a Bo staff or a broomstick, you can get started, right now, for free.

If you like it, you can then order A WayLighter.

And You'll be able to rock it right out of the box.

The blue button below links you directly to the full version of The Kung Flow LightSword Training Program, on You-Tube.

If you liked the movie "The Matrix", you'll have fun with Kung Flow.