Is a

super fun,

LightSword Focused

Fitness Program for Sci-Fi fans.


Kung Flow makes learning 

how to

level up your fitness game

feel like

you're the star

of an epic superhero story.

What if this was your workout?

I'm Ryan Rif Parks.

I'll be your guide

as you learn how

to master the LightSword.

I've been a full time

Fire and Flow Pro since 2005.

I liked performing,

but I love teaching.

So If you

want to download

some seriously impressive

LightSword spinning skills, 

that's just going to happen.


That's the easy part.

Can confirm.

But in the process,

you will

learn how to learn


And it's all going

to be super fun.

And a great workout.

And AFfordable.

BLadie's and Gentlemen,

I am thrilled to 

announce that the First


Is Lit.

How Lit?

This Lit.

Line: KnightLight.
Model: WayLighter.

Now that the

Pro-Caliber LightSword

is dialed,

 we can finally,

fully launch Kung Flow.

that's the component 

of this Program

I am most excited about 

sharing with you.

If you liked "The Matrix",

you'll have fun

exploring Kung Flow. 


Where that movie ends

is where

Kung Flow begins.

Ok Hero,

please feel encouraged

to explore the site.

And remember,

You can do this!



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