What is Kung Flow?

well, first of all, it's free.

That button above takes you

straight to the full version on You-Tube.
It's free because

the people who need it the most,

probably can't afford it. 


If so, please consider Kung Flow

my gift to you.

This way you can explore Kung Flow freely.

with an open mind.

These videos dive deeper into how

Kung Flow works.

Good news Hero.

Kung Flow will work for you.

Angel wasn't exactly an X-man

the day he happened

to skate by a flow class

in San Diego.

This is Angel

after two Kung FLow Classes,

and around 27 days of training. 

If that random kid can

get that good that fast,

so can you.

Sounds to good to be true doesn't it?

If you pay attention and stick with it,

you will unlock your next level up.

Ok Hero, 
In order to show you

the higher levels of Kung Flow,

I need to up the stakes.

I'm about to show you

Kung Flow on Fire.

That's so you can see

the kind of physical power,

laser focus,

and high speed precision skills

you can acquire

through the study of

the LightSword.

Please do NOT try this at home. 

Fire spinning is incredibly dangerous

to you and your environment.

Do not try this at home.


(This means you Beavis.)

Unlocking that combo

was how Kung Flow came to be. 

If you'd like to hear the Origin Story,

here you go.

All you really need to start

downloading Kung fLow 

is a straight stick

and some space to spin.

If you've got a

Bo staff or a broomstick,

you can get started,

right now.

Try it out, and if you like it,

you can then order your LightSword,

and be able to rock it,

right out of the box.

More Good News Hero. 

while you're having a blast unlocking 

sweet new LightSword skills,

you'll also be building yourself up

a better body.

Yup. LightSword spinning is 

lifting free weights.

The only difference, 

is that this is fun.

And once your have your

stick, staff,or sword,

it's always free to play.

And it's super fun.


So you'll do it often.

That's the key to fitness, folks.

If you exercise long enough,

often enough, you'll get fit.

One of the goals of Kung Flow

was to make working out fun

for gamer's and Geeks.



BTW, I proudly self-identify as geek,

but I also played Football in college.

My whole life has been spent

in pursuit of maximum

athletic performance.


As soon as the swords are in motion,

I'll start loading up the forum

with everything I know about

how to power yourself up

in real life.

So you're going to receive

a wealth of cutting edge intel 

about warming up, stretching, 

muscle building, supplements,

and all the other personal power ups

I've collected along the way.

LightSword Spinning can be an

enjoyable, gentle introduction

to the art of fitness.

Or it can be a heart pounding,

Adrenalin pumping, non-stop

acrobatic cardio workout.

Either way, it's fun.

And really good for you.


This means you'll be putting in

regular high quality core workouts,

perfectly tailored to suit your style.

Your muscles will naturally start

to build, tone, lengthen, and strengthen.

armoring you up in highly attractive,

intelligent muscle mass.

Your reflexes also sharpen, 

and your co-ordination

is going to skyrocket