And here is giant wall of text

that explains how the WayLighter works.
The WayLighter's were designed

to be an affordable, basic,

entry level model 

for people just getting

into LightSword spinning.

Nailed it.

Well, except for the basic part.

The entry model is currently

the best spinning sword ever produced

on this planet.

OCD has its uses.

Yup. The optimized lines,

upgraded grips, and the precision tuning 

of the WayLighter

are allowing me to pull off moves 

I've never even seen before.

These Swords move like magic.

They were also sized 

to fit as many players as possible

Currently most other LightSwords

are way too big for my hands.

And I have huge hands. 


So producing

a Pro Quality LightSword,

that normal to stealth sized people

can wield expertly

was key.

The outer diameter is just over 1".


The WayLighters weigh just around a pound,

and have paddding built right

into the hilt.

So you can now safely and enjoyably
the advanced contact

rolls without the bad bonks.

This is such a massive power up

for the learning process.

I had long wondered

what would happen

if you used the entire length 

of the blade, as the basis for the hilt.

It rocks.


total Game changer.

It also turns out that MX grips make for

Pro-caliber contact sword spinning hilts.

And that easily obtained hardware parts

can be re-purposed for a higher calling.


That super pro looking Sword 

you're seeing in the videos,

is simply a 36" Polycarbonate Blade,

BMX grips, Furniture protector's,

Some hardware,

and a surprisingly badass

9 dollar flashlight from

Home Depot. 

Said $9 flashlight is already

 drop rated to 30 feet,

and waterproof to 3 meters.

the light slides right inside the blade.

a few spins of a set screw

on a lock on clamp

and it's all locked into place.

That fully Lit CenterPoint is also

a major game changer.

Makes spinning at speed in the dark

so much better.

I'm giggle spinning at how much

better of a performer I am,

just due to having

the centerpoint lit up.


Total Game changer for Flow.

Never going back.

The tail-clicker switch on the flashlight

stays Hidden in plain sight, 

in the Blade,

fully protected by the pommel.

The ignition Switch is inside

you're going to

work every inch of this hilt

while spinning.

Exterior switches on contact swords

inevitably lead to 

Premature delumination. 

Having your sword go dark

in the middle of a pro show

is such a buzzkill.

PD is a curable condition.


The WayLighter is currently powered

by just 2 AAA batteries.

So you can turn it on,

and leave it on,

for hours.

This is Win at Festivals.

The pommel slides right on and off,

allowing you easy access

to the ignition switch,

or you can change the batteries

in less than a minute.

The pommel is solid rubber,

so this adds body armor

to the bulletproof blade,

that is protecting the light.

It's soft enough

to be shock absorbent,

which is key when learning

the advanced vertical

contact rolls.

No cheap china battery pack

or wires to break either.

So over that. Can't even count

how many of those I've broken.

Good news on the Light Driver too.

These Husky brand flashlights are tough AF.

But check this out,

if the light should happen to break,

you just trade it back in to Home depot

for a brand new one.

Yep. I built the WayLighter this way so I can say,

lifetime warranty on electronics,

and make Home Depot pay for it.


Actually, I did it this way so 

I can launch Kung Flow

and the WayLighters

without needing

a huge repair/return/etc.


Since the sword is made from

parts already at scale,

Doing it this way means

not having to take on

any outside investor's.

This is very good for you,

because doing it my way

means much better LightSwords

at much better prices,

for you.

Also, this  company is already 


careers for cool people.

You see, This project isn't about

maximizing my money,

it's about helping

as many people as possible

unlock all new lives.

That has proven surprisingly


Long sob story short,

a long litany of shady millionaires

have tried to take control of Kung Flow

and the contact sword

away from me in the contract phase.

If you'd like to see

what it would be like

if the writer's of The Matrix,

got tequila drunk and wrote

a soap opera, 

I'll make a video explaining what has 

been happening behind the scenes.

And if you're a flow artist who's been 

wondering why this all took so long,

that's why.

After about the 6th round

of treachery,

this time from a Banker Worth

hundredsof millions of dollars,

I got upset.


I decided to see if I could just

figure out the LightSword for myself.

It was 8 straight months

of non-stop grueling grind.

My eyes were seriously crossing at the end.

but it was oh-so-worth it.

The WayLighter design is already

so much better than I ever hoped.

I normally prefer to not talk

about my accomplishments,

but I'm really proud of this build.

I'm a decent spinner, and a pretty good teacher,

but product prototyping?
Zero experience.

No clue.
No experience with electronics either.

But I got it done.

And the first sword is

already better than I ever dreamed.

please also consider this one

of my own personal testimonials

regarding the real life applications of Kung Flow.


I had absolutely zero background

in product prototyping.


I applied the Kung Flow approach

I used to unlock the Lightsword skills,

in order to actualize the WayLighter.

(And The DayMaker. ...foreshadowing.)

As a point of note,

The last shady banker

hired the top movie prop shop 

on the east coast

to design the KnightLights.

Their PHD design team spent

 10 months, and $60,000

to produce their prototype.

And the WayLighter 

I built at home,  out of hardware

is Wayyy better.

Stubborn is a superpower.


The new sword is so pro

I'm accidentally unlocking moves

I've never ever dreamed of.

That's fun. 

The best part is that

they are so elegantly simple

to assemble.

I built it this way

so You can easily fix, maintain

and upgrade your WayLighter,



No more frustrating downtime,

waiting for your LightSword

to get back from the shop.

Yep, if you can operate

a screwdriver, electrical tape,

super glue, scissors, and hair spray, 

you can easily assemble

your own WayLighter.


That's actually one of my favorite

facets of this whole program. 

My hope is that a large number of

good people

start making and selling WayLighters 

for real money,


The Associate's page unpacks all that.

WayLighters go together like Lego's,

and are all the fun of model building kits. 


Only when you're done,

you have a badass LightSword.

That you can spin like a Boss. 


And use to protect yourself.

Also, like a boss.

Real talk time friends.

These swords were designed for fitness and fun,

but if you need to, 

you can seriously defend yourself

with this weapon.

Make no doubt about it.
This LightSword is built

on a 36" shaft of bullet proof glass.

But get this,


The matrix splicer weighs just 12.7 ounces.

So you can whip this LightSword around 

at light speed with precsion.

Equip yourself with a WayLighter,

and you've now got

reach, speed, and leveraged critical mass.

Spinning your LightSword

also armors you up in

in highly coordinated muscle mass.

Your reflexes will be sharper too.

I'm open carrying mine

everywhere now.

Not only do i feel much safer, 

I'm making new friends left and right.

Turns out lots of people love LightSwords.

And the people who are

attracted to the LightSword

are just awesome.

It's been such

a high quality friend making machine.


If you're a builder type,

You can also join in on the fun

of helping us figure out how to

make these LightSwords even better

in the forum.

My friends and I are having a blast

coming up with cool new features

for The WayLighter's.

Or if you just want a kickass LightSword

you can rock right out of the box,

we're ready to rock.

Alliance's have been formed

with the biggest

moto Grip manufacturer

in America.

Assembly and delivery systems

are also already in place.

Ok Hero,

If you want a WayLighter,

now's your chance.

99 digital dollars

locks your priority spot

on The WayLighter List.

For right now,

for the sake of expediancy while

we initiate our production line, 


We are only going to offer 

One Option.

This is so as many swords

as possible can

find their way home

before Christmas.

Obvious reason is 
obvious. :) 

Turn around time on

The WayLighter?

As fast as I can.

And this is all I ever do.

Update 11/5/19:

I'm going to move out of West LA, 

and get a place near the factory,

in order to ensure

that High Quality LightSwords

are flying your way

as fast as possible.

That's my promise.

Right now,

very few know we're open,

so if you have The $99 to  invest,

it's a smart call to get in early,

because once this sparks, 

this list will fill up fast.

Those in early

will get their swords

much faster.