Ok Friends, it's 12/12/19

we are days away from launch.

I'm moving out of LA, into a tiny house

in the desert, so that i can focus full
time on getting the WayLighter 
production line up and running smoothly.

The Land is also a perfect place to make
videos that explain how to use this new
kind of lightsword to
level up your entire life.

The focus time will also allow me to start
loading epic new ideas into the Forum.

Fro the last 15 years I've been compiling

data on what works, and what doesn't.

From Sword mods to healthcare,
our goal is to give you
solutions that light you up. 

Got something you need help with?

Ask away, we'll find an answer.

If you're on the WayLighter List,
I'm grinding hard to get you your 
sword before Christmas.

Stay tuned!