Sep 5

Welcome Home Heroes!


Edited: Sep 5

Hi my name is Ryan Rif Parks. I'm the proprietor of the place. And that's good news because that means you will always be safe here. Yep this is going to be nothing but fun love all the time. That is the default setting. If that's a frequency that you can achieve Attain and susta, we'd love to have you here.


And this is going to be a really fun place to be my friend. And that's because this is the beginning of something incredibly beneficial and Powerful.


I firmly believe that if we light and unite around the concepts of respect and honor and kindness and compassion we truly can save the world with our light swords.


the reason for setting up this forum is because you are one of the people who can actually help speed up this process. Chris McDonald and Anthony Rizzol. and I have been building lightswords at our houses, based on the new WayLighter design. We're having a blast. We would love to invite you to join us in this really exciting exploration. It's everything that's great and fun about Legos and models only when you're done you have a badass weapon that spins like a dream.


We're still figuring out all the possible options for the build. If you would like to join us it's super fun. And you would be helping us Speed the game up significantly.


Please know that if you're invited here it's because I think you are an actual intelligent Action Hero, in real life. Please treat each other accordingly. I will post more as I can but for now please only invite world class level people into this place


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  • YEEHAWWW!!! !!! It's time! If you're seeing this, we are ready to rock. I'm Ryan Rif Parks, your very happy host. I love creating magical experiences and environments for my friends, and this is THE ONE I've wanted forever. Through this humble forum, I can give you all the sum of 20 (very) odd years of non-stop research into how to level up your entire life. First step, optimizing the LightSwords. I need your help. I've taken the KnightLights as far as I can go alone. I need to focus on setting up factory factors, so I'm going to turn the fine tuning over to the best team of designers in the world. You! Yep, we are blessed with a big number of big brains attached to designers minds. So let's have some fun making the WayLighter Way better. If you're here, you passed the honorable test. So go nuts. Build a bunch of LightSwords. Make magic happen. Feel free to blow my model out of the water. That would be awesome, btw, That 1.0 model gives you the basics. Where you take it from here is a choice I leave up to you. Just make sure it's safe, and make it better if you can. Also, we're going to skillshare EVERHYTHING here. Swords, nutrition, mental health, careers, life, family, relationships. If it's important we're going to upgrade it. Please also Know this is a high class KnightClub, This Forum will be a perfectly curated space where you can sync in securely and know you are always amongst friends. To that end, I am a trauma counselor and former bar bouncer. Those two skills combine to give you an exciting new home away form home on the net. You have my word you will always be safe here. It's also going to be fun AF. We'll undoubtedly disagree on some stuff, and we'll definitely be dissect some heavy issues bravely, but we will always do it right. So please keep it light. I'll be more specific later, but for now know that any poor behavior will get checked swiftly and completely. This forum is hidden because what we generate here is going to bring a ton of healing and growth into the world. No time for anything less than effective. True story folks. I've been sitting on a treasure trove of next level life tech. Don't make me waste our time moderating petty arguments. Unless it's which Tom Petty album is best. It's into the Great Wide Open. Speaking of my questionable comedy styling... Expect DeadPool. Yup. Easiest way to explain how I operate. I hung on to 93% of KF so I get to do what I want and DeadPool is my Spirit Animal. Expect to get rickrolled regularly, there will be a metric Fuckton of bad puns, and as you can see the occasional F-Bomb will be dropped. If you are afraid of seeing the F-word, please excuse yourself now. It is absolutely going to get heavy AF in here. That's because everything I do is designed to help generate Actual Intelligent Action Heroes. Quite simply out, because we have a very short window of time in which we can save our planets life support systems. We need strong people who can operate in adverse conditions, It's heavy I know, but it's why we're here. KF is currently designed to empower adults who want to help upgrade the real word in real time. We need to be planting oxygen producing plants ASAP. I personally will be putting a large chunk of KF's profit margin into planting Hemp. Soon enough you'll be 3d printing your whole LightSword at home out of hemp, but that's down the road a piece... It also means we need to be discussing the big problems on this planet. Some of them are unpleasant, but I assure you there are elegant solutions for all of them. We need to empower the people who can make game changing moves right now. I'll tap back in when I can but for now, please introduce yourself. And my first of many challenges to you is to be proud of your accomplishments. Please Speak highly of yourself. Pride is not a sin. And certainly not one of the 7 deadly ones. It's actually a virtue. If you're here you're awesome in some way. I hand selected this group based on years of observation, time, and testing, And no one will judge you for being proud of your accomplishments. Trust me on this one ya'll. Go for it. I'l start. We are going to change the world for the better with our LightSword Skills. 100 percent. Can confirm. Stay tuned,