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Welcome Home Hero. Please introduce yourself.


YEEHAWWW!!! !!! It's time! If you're seeing this, we are ready to rock. I'm Ryan Rif Parks, your very happy host. I love creating magical experiences and environments for my friends, and this is THE ONE I've wanted forever. Through this humble forum, I can give you all the sum of 20 (very) odd years of non-stop research into how to level up your entire life. First step, optimizing the LightSwords. I need your help. I've taken the KnightLights as far as I can go alone. I need to focus on setting up factory factors, so I'm going to turn the fine tuning over to the best team of designers in the world. You! Yep, we are blessed with a big number of big brains attached to designers minds. So let's have some fun making the WayLighter Way better. If you're here, you passed the honorable test. So go nuts. Build a bunch of LightSwords. Make magic happen. Feel free to blow my model out of the water. That would be awesome, btw, That 1.0 model gives you the basics. Where you take it from here is a choice I leave up to you. Just make sure it's safe, and make it better if you can. Also, we're going to skillshare EVERHYTHING here. Swords, nutrition, mental health, careers, life, family, relationships. If it's important we're going to upgrade it. Please also Know this is a high class KnightClub, This Forum will be a perfectly curated space where you can sync in securely and know you are always amongst friends. To that end, I am a trauma counselor and former bar bouncer. Those two skills combine to give you an exciting new home away form home on the net. You have my word you will always be safe here. It's also going to be fun AF. We'll undoubtedly disagree on some stuff, and we'll definitely be dissect some heavy issues bravely, but we will always do it right. So please keep it light. I'll be more specific later, but for now know that any poor behavior will get checked swiftly and completely. This forum is hidden because what we generate here is going to bring a ton of healing and growth into the world. No time for anything less than effective. True story folks. I've been sitting on a treasure trove of next level life tech. Don't make me waste our time moderating petty arguments. Unless it's which Tom Petty album is best. It's into the Great Wide Open. Speaking of my questionable comedy styling... Expect DeadPool.


Yup. Easiest way to explain how I operate. I hung on to 93% of KF so I get to do what I want and DeadPool is my Spirit Animal. Expect to get rickrolled regularly, there will be a metric Fuckton of bad puns, and as you can see the occasional F-Bomb will be dropped. If you are afraid of seeing the F-word, please excuse yourself now. It is absolutely going to get heavy AF in here. That's because everything I do is designed to help generate Actual Intelligent Action Heroes. Quite simply out, because we have a very short window of time in which we can save our planets life support systems. We need strong people who can operate in adverse conditions, It's heavy I know, but it's why we're here. KF is currently designed to empower adults who want to help upgrade the real word in real time. We need to be planting oxygen producing plants ASAP. I personally will be putting a large chunk of KF's profit margin into planting Hemp. Soon enough you'll be 3d printing your whole LightSword at home out of hemp, but that's down the road a piece... It also means we need to be discussing the big problems on this planet. Some of them are unpleasant, but I assure you there are elegant solutions for all of them. We need to empower the people who can make game changing moves right now. I'll tap back in when I can but for now, please introduce yourself. And my first of many challenges to you is to be proud of your accomplishments.

Please Speak highly of yourself. Pride is not a sin. And certainly not one of the 7 deadly ones. It's actually a virtue. If you're here you're awesome in some way. I hand selected this group based on years of observation, time, and testing, And no one will judge you for being proud of your accomplishments. Trust me on this one ya'll. Go for it. I'l start. We are going to change the world for the better with our LightSword Skills. 100 percent. Can confirm. Stay tuned,



Sep 10

Hi! Chris McDonald, Spark of New Hampshire here. I love the fact that we are here building a tool that will help people heal, get better at life, become better people, and live the life of inspiration! I often use the phrase "Be the light, Share the light" meaning find what inspires you and do it, then share your inspiration with others and help them to become inspired. That's what we are doing here!

A little about myself. I'm 47, married, and have 2 children. I started contact flow about a year ago. Prior to that I have been involved in the martial arts (in one form or another) since elementary school and was even a Chief Instructor at a school for a few years. My journey into flow (and kung flow) started through LED sabers which led me to doing my own saber installs, becoming involved in Saberforce Conditoning, learning the elemental saber forms from the Distant Earth Knighthood. It was through studying the water elemental saber form that made me want to be more flexible in life. Which brought me back to Kung Flow (I had originally dabbled with it when the second kung flow kickstarter was going on) and then jumped in when the Hawksaber became available. Since then, I've practiced contact flow daily and have experienced first hand how Kung Flow changes lives.

In my personal life, as I mentioned before, I am married to my wife, Melanie, of 14 years. I have two beautiful children, Henry Orion (8) and Josephine Brianne (1). I usually don't publicly talk about this, however being a group comprised of trust I feel safe in sharing this here, I am a recovering alcoholic and have been sober for over 12 years. Kung flow has helped redefine my sobriety and I have found that the process of learning flow is (practically) a physical manifestation of the 12 steps with two critical benefits... they both lead us to stop fighting anything and anyone; and we can apply the principles to all of our affairs. In my professional life (outside of Kung Flow) I am a Fire Inspector for the State of New Hampshire and have been involved in reforming the emergency preparedness requirements for the healthcare system in New Hampshire.

Some other interesting things... I practice flow daily in almost all weather and post my training videos (it's part of my process of learning and reinforcement, so I put a lot of videos out as a byproduct of this process and hope that people find them inspiring). I have a desire to want people to be inspired to improve themselves and to act upon it. According to Ryan, I am the first person to build their own version of the Waylighter (a Waylighter variation called Orion's Light). I've also constructed what I consider to be an intermediate version of the Waylighter, the Neotao (as in "new way") which has a modular handle containing an LED module set-up, rechargeable battery, and switch located in the pommel (in the process of designing a chassis for it). It's not designed to be as durable as the Waylighter (thus an intermediate level saber) but is designed to maximize brightness and color selection. Essentially, it will allow people to easily change blade set-ups as well as remove one battery/LED cartridge and easily replace it with another to quickly change colors or batteries.

This is awesome Riff!!!

Hi, I'm Sean von Stade, DOB 1978, based in Emeryville, CA (Bay Area).

Married since 2003, daughter born in 2010 :D

Founder of

I believe my purpose in life is to channel my unique light/passion for the benefit of others as optimally as possible. and yes, that includes taking care of myself, JUST enough ;)

I often struggle to balance what has the MOST impact with what has the BEST impact. Through prioritizing my integrity at every step, after 15 years of slowly and organically growing my company, I'm happy with where that balance currently lays. We could have gone BIG. made things cheaper to get distribution mark-ups and into every toy and sports shop in the country, maybe that would have changed the most lives? but what would the quality of that change be? was the world ready? is that level of impact still a possible future?... let's ride this wave and find out!!!


personal backstory: (I wrote this for a blog post a while back, don't let Chris and I's lengthy introductions prevent you from writing a nice short one! ;)

"I was always into spinning/swinging things around when I was a kid, then when I was maybe 12 I saw "Beastmaster" the movie, and there's this scene where he's swinging a sword around in a figure-8 pattern and it "strikes" me as a sort of "infinite strike" which I quickly teach myself and show all my friends at school... well not knowing much else I moved on to other things. I explored martial arts, extreme sports, footbag and "devil stix" but nothing really 1997 I went to my first rave, where I saw people putting on "light shows" for eachother, focusing on the movement of light, and I thought, "if I put some lights on the ends of sticks I could make a really cool show!) so I built my first pair of doublestaves: aluminum tubes with tennis-ball ends with leds sticking out of the balls. I know I saw some Hawaiian-style fire-spinning as a kid at disney-land, but it didn't cross my mind at the time, and I had no idea how to spin these things, just swung them around mostly, it was great! :D then at another party I saw someone playing with a pair of toy light-sabers and moving them around in a really fluid way, I was too shy to approach them at the time, but I got myself a pair, moded them with better-quality flash-lights, and took them with me to a few parties before some guy said "hey can I see those for a sec?" well all he knew was a basic weave, but he had some style, and it blew my doors wide open!so for the next year or so I'm rockin' light-sabres whenever I go out, they're collapsible and you can pop each section out, so I've got my long style and my short style, and then I realize that my wrists don't swivel! so I add short loops of cord the the handles and begin to swing them like poi as well. at this point I have never seen poi spinning in my life, maybe some glow-sticking, but not much back then. in 1998 I'm visiting my cousin in South Africa and he invites me to a festival in the country ("rustler's valley, easter festival) and I see fire-dancing for the first time and for some reason only then does it really hit me: THIS IS WHAT I'VE BEEN SEARCHING FOR! the perfect activity for an active person. cheaper, safer, more convenient, more challenging and more satisfying than any of the other sports/activities I'd ever tried. the perfect path to FLOW. the challenge: move an object around in an interesting and continuous way. the motivation? the movement of light. it's not a game, there are no rules, there's no need for ATTACK or DEFENSE... just move the light around, add creativity and audience enthusiasm and bam! greatest thing ever! :DI asked one of the dancers how they keep the fire burning, they told me about kevlar, I built my own fire tools the next day, at the event, with wick I bought of a fire-dancer and wood-sticks I cut down from the forest. and within months was building some with leds, because besides the obvious drawbacks of fire, it just doesn't last very long! but I practiced with my fire-tools during the day, almost every day I would put on headphones and go into the back yard and practice staff. occasionally I would put on a fireshow for family, and their encouragement and approval validated my passion in a way that could never have happened spinning lights for my friends at a party. well there was no youtube back then, I didn't even have email, but I found spinners and fire-dancers at events around the world and learned everything I could. I once asked a guy I met in Australia what his favorite prop was and he said double-staff and I said, "really? I prefer single staff, double-staff is too limiting!" he tried to convince me otherwise, but I didn't understand, hah! boy did I have a lot to learn!  I think it was 2 years before I finally got enough single-staff technique to feel like using two at once was actually an improvement, not an impediment. I can't place the time, or person who inspired me, I saw many double-staff throughout the years, but it was probably in the concentrated melting-pot of spinners in the San Francisco spin jams back in 2000... still no youtube, no instructional DVDs, we just learned from each other and every traveling spinner who came through could change our worlds with what they knew! the amazing thing is, it still happens, every week, in spin-jams around the world!"

if you're in the Bay Area, come check out the jam at flowtoys!

for more info. about flowtoys:

for more on me, my wife, and the flowtoys crew:

for interesting backstory on our products:


what about light sabers? as noted above, I kinda got my start with them, but not in the way you know now, I basically used them like clubs/poi. Riff likes to credit me with the modern contact saber, because I made the first fully balanced fire swords in the world, which I built as a way of effortlessly controlling a sheet of flame and for mock-battle, but then Riff started doing his contact awesomeness with it and started a revolution! Now he's developed the ultimate open-construction, durable, serviceable, affordable, customizable, high-performance light saber design and I look forward to developing a custom light source for it and providing a version through flowtoys in the near-ish future!


love and lights!



Hello, all! My name is Matthew "Link" Borders and I live with my wife and son in Eugene, Oregon. I don't have the rich history of spinning or flow that some do, but I love meeting those people and learning all about new ways to bring light to the world!


My passion is in costuming and gaming, and recently I've started the process of realizing my dream of becoming St. Nick.


I came across Kung Flow during its Kickstarter and have been following Rif ever since! I Can't wait to see what he and this community have in store and to turn these sparks in to roaring fires!

Hi everyone. My name is Ian Mulcahy. I'm 44, and live in Massachusetts with my wife and 2 of our 5 children. I struggle with both anxiety and depression, and today has been a long day so I just don't have the spell slots for a long detailed introduction. But I wanted to get started, and if I wait I'll always have another excuse, so I'm putting up SOMETHING to say hi.


I was part of the first kickstarter-- still have my smartstaff and smartsabre. Those helped me get started with the flow arts, and helped me realize how much I enjoyed them. How I spin fire staff and dragon staff on stage a few times a year as part of a swordfighting and fire performance troupe-- in fact, our next show is in Mobile, Alabama in a little over a week! So I can say that yes, this Kung Flow stuff works. I would love to get better, but right now I'm way out of shape, very much overweight, too depressed and in too much pain to really make any headway. I'm working to find a way through this though, and I'm sure that Kung Flow will help me as I try and re-incorporate it into my life.


Thanks for putting up with my whiny introduction. I promise that further posts from me will be more useful and upbeat-- I just needed to kick my own ass into gear and make this post NOW before I let this chance slip away too...

Nov 5

Welcome Ian! What part of Massachusetts are you from?

@neo_tao Springfield, currently. Lived in West Springfield for quite a while too, as well as down in Connecticut

Nov 5

@Ian Mulcahy I'm over in south western (Jaffrey) NH. If I can ever be of assistance, please let me know.

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  • Hi my name is Ryan Rif Parks. I'm the proprietor of the place. And that's good news because that means you will always be safe here. Yep this is going to be nothing but fun love all the time. That is the default setting. If that's a frequency that you can achieve Attain and susta, we'd love to have you here. And this is going to be a really fun place to be my friend. And that's because this is the beginning of something incredibly beneficial and Powerful. I firmly believe that if we light and unite around the concepts of respect and honor and kindness and compassion we truly can save the world with our light swords. the reason for setting up this forum is because you are one of the people who can actually help speed up this process. Chris McDonald and Anthony Rizzol. and I have been building lightswords at our houses, based on the new WayLighter design. We're having a blast. We would love to invite you to join us in this really exciting exploration. It's everything that's great and fun about Legos and models only when you're done you have a badass weapon that spins like a dream. We're still figuring out all the possible options for the build. If you would like to join us it's super fun. And you would be helping us Speed the game up significantly. Please know that if you're invited here it's because I think you are an actual intelligent Action Hero, in real life. Please treat each other accordingly. I will post more as I can but for now please only invite world class level people into this place