Nov 8

Where's the Beef (Build)

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After going through the whole Forum so far (11/8/2019) I noticed something missing.

There are no videos/instructions/plans or anything about actually building the swords, unless....Its like one of those puzzles or treasure hunts where there are clues spread all over the website. I mean by eyeballing the samples shown so far I'm sure I can put together a decent version of of the sword, I just don't want to make it look like I'm doing my own thing. So again i ask- - - Where's the beef?

5 days ago

I know what you mean and I completely understand the desire for standardization. And yes, part of this is problem solving and working with what you can get. Grips are one of those things that are going to vary. I know that one type of grip that is used in the Mission Ignition version makes it easier for a beginner whereas the Matrix Splicer geip is narrower and produces a faster sword.

Fortunately, Ryan just posted a YouTube video essentially outlining the build process.

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  • In his assembly video, Ryan gave the tip about applying hairspray to the blade and inside surfaces of the grips to help facilitate placement of them onto the blade. It works great! The drawback to this is moving or removing the grips (in the case of a damaged blade or other reasons). Once the hairspray has dried and set, it acts similarly to a contact cement. This results in the grips not being able to be moved without moving something on the inside to break the seal. I carefully used a Allen Wrench to slide it along the inner surface of the grips, but it still takes a lot of work. If anyone has any suggestions or tips that they have tried, please add them in the comments.
  • Here's a fairly easy method to add color to the blade illumination.